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Hello, I'm Kristin

Hello, I'm Kristin Beltran, and I'm here to be your fearless guide in the world of real estate.

Over the past two decades, I've honed my relationship-building, professional, and entrepreneurial skills as a dedicated hairdresser. Now, I'm channeling that same dedication and passion into helping you buy or sell your home. As a mother to two brilliant sons and a devoted wife, I cherish the values of family, friendship, and genuine human connections. This means I bring a personal touch to every client relationship, going above and beyond just the transaction. 

My mission is simple: to make your real estate journey as seamless and rewarding as possible. Together, we'll navigate the market with confidence and achieve your goals. Let's embark on this exciting venture, and I'll be your steadfast partner every step of the way. 

DRE 2202440

Contact Me:
(909) 717-0871 Mobile


If you want to buy or sell your home, you can reach me via email, phone, or text. Interested in joining our team, shoot me a message and we can connect. 


DRE 01499935

Life & Health Lic #OH73839

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