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June 1st 7:AM - 10:00'ish | Yard Sale
RSVP Yes or Maybe 

RSVP for Yard Sale

See you on the first!

Hello and Welcome

This is where you can RSVP for the Free Claremont Community Yard Sale. 

June 1st, 2024. Starting at 7:00 AM, going until you want to stop. 

How does this work? 

We get a bunch of neighbors together (we live on Woodway & Post), and everyone has a yard sale at their house on the same day. 

Can I say maybe? 

Absolutely! RSVP, maybe, and we will connect with you before we create the maps. We need to know Yes or No by May 12th to get you on the map. 

What if I only have about ten items I could sell?

Not a problem. There are no limits up or down to how many items you can have. 

What does this cost? 

Nothing. We are covering the cost of promoting the yard sales, creating the maps, and posting all the addresses to the yard sale websites. 

Why would we all do it on the same day? 
It is to drive more people to shop, of course. When we have 20 or more yard sales, we will be able to attract hundreds of more people. This means you can sell more of your stuff.


Why are you doing this? 
Community events are fun. We love to meet new folks, and this motivates us to clean out the garage every once in a while. 


When do you drop off my sign?
Signs are all dropped off the night before (June 1st). 

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