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Hello, I'm Becky

Relationships and education are key. I believe that anyone can participate in the real estate market. By doing so, you build stability, safety, and security. It remains one of the largest sources of wealth creation and upward mobility if you are willing and able to jump through some hoops, and there are hoops! From understanding your credit to loan options, and purchase options, there are many ways to slice it. My role is to empower you by demystifying the realm of real estate for my clients. Education is power. 

I have my MBA and MSHD from Claremont Graduate University. I hold a Real Estate and Life & Health License in California. 

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About Me

I believe in taking hardship with laughter and lots of it.

If there is anything the post-pandemic world has drilled into me, life is short, and sometimes it can suck, and it's also OK that it does. We move on and eventually laugh. I strive to be authentic, real and use laughter to release the pressure valve. This is the approach I take in working with clients, other agents, and vendor partners. And we get some incredible results because of it.


I am a deep community connector with both for-profit and nonprofit start-up experience.

Most importantly, a desire to make a meaningful social impact in the world. While holding a CA Real Estate license for over 15+ years, I've earned two masters degrees, developed analytics skills at an elite risk management consulting firm, and refined the ability to quickly build and assess risk in a fast-paced Bay Area "unicorn." One of the first 100 unicorns at the time. Today, there are over 1000 unicorns and counting. 


As industry outsiders, my partner and I successfully bootstrapped and launched the nation's first tuition-free private boarding non-profit program, in which we raised $1M in donations. The array of partnerships developed and the real estate business acumen acquired in taking transactions from "soup to nuts."


The word "impact" represents a core value for me, as I am a mission-motivated professional with real business and entrepreneurship experience, not afraid to think and execute. 


If you want to buy or sell your home, you can reach me via email, phone, or text. Interested in joining our team, shoot me a message and we can connect. 


DRE 01499935

Life & Health Lic #OH73839

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