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Life is short, so laugh...A LOT

My husband took my new headshot in May 2020,  just after we closed our non profit project post COVID, moved out of our home,  back in with my mom. Life felt like a real bummer.  It just so happens my dog was also taken a giant crap behind me and my husband humorously captured a moment.

I believe in taking hardship with laughter and lots of it. If there is anything this time has taught me, life is too short. Be authentic, be real and use laughter to release the pressure valve.  If we can make others laugh a little a long the way, that's BONUS!! This is the approach I take in working with clients, partner agents and vendor partners to get deals done. And it works :)

In addition to my Real Estate Practice, I teach trauma informed Yoga during weekly online sessions, teach Real Estate Fundamentals for masters level students, conduct research on Social Emotional Learning at the University of San Diego Jacobs Institute and run a business that caters to start up phase entrepreneurs. I have a toddler and a husband that keep me very busy and a garden that constantly needs tending. My hands are busy, my heart is full, I am fortunate to be able to give back.

My expansive network enables me to open doors for my clients on both sides of the property equation. In fact, I make it a point to be involved and stay involved throughout all stages of the real estate process. I’ll guide you every step of the way, whether you’re looking to buy, sell or rent. Book an appointment today!

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